TJ Beale Award

The T J Beale Perpetual Trophy is the most prestigious Cherrybrook Little Athletics club award.

The T J Beale Award is given to a girl and boy who best epitomize the philosophy of Little Athletics. The Criteria for this Award consists of attendance of 70%, a positive attitude and a willingness to embrace good sportsmanship. During the 2000/2001 season the Committee agreed that the perpetual trophy would be awarded to athletes in the Under 12 age group.

2021-2022 TJ Beale winners Claudia Wyatt and Harry Wigham with James “Jimbo” Fitzgerald, grandson of Mr TJ Beale.

Cherrybrook Athletics commenced in 1994 and the Club was financially strong in that initial season due to a generous contribution from Mr T J Beale, the grandfather of our first coach James Fitzgerald. The committee that year decided it was important to recognise this, and the T J Beale Perpetual Trophy was born. Mr Beale passed away during the 1998/1999 season.

T J Beale Award Winners

Season Female Male
1994/1995 Kate Seale Benjamin Foster
1995/1996 Kristen Mercer Matthew Dawson
1996/1997 Samantha Buneroff Christopher Hunt
1997/1998 Tiffany Britchford Matthew De Lima
1998/1999 Catherine Pearce Bradley Close
1999/2000 Amanda Sharpe David Smit
2000/2001 Julia New-Tolley Alastair Thomson
2001/2002 Emma Sainsbury Matthew Poidevan
2002/2003 Kate New-Tolley Timothy Graham
2003/2004 Monica Sharpe Justin Mack
2004/2005 Janine Liversage Andrew Houghton
2005/2006 Rachael Murphy Mitchell Yabsley
2006/2007 Courtney Cranfield Matthew Skelley
2007/2008 Karina Takchi Jackson Lee
2008/2009 Phoebe Deskovic Maine Vidler
2009/2010 Ashleigh Ward Clayton Anstee
2010/2011 Catalina Martinez Adam Kinasch
2011/2012 Anamaria Martinez Alistair Read
2012/2013 Rachel Ingram Ryan Jones
2013/2014 Faith Devitt Matthew Rose
2014/2015 BridgetteEdmunds Bayden Little
2015/2016 Mykaela Hayhurst Liam McKenzie
2016/2017 Sonia Walsh Ryan Frykberg
2017/2018 Tara Webb Will Austin
2018/2019 Isabella Fisher Bronsen Brown
2019/2020 Madison Clarke Harley Grace
2020/2021 Jenaya Lubrano Joel Moresi
2021/2022 Claudia Wyatt Harry Wigham

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