TJ Beale Award

The T J Beale Perpetual Trophy is the most prestigious Cherrybrook Little Athletics club award.

The T J Beale Award is given to a girl and boy who best epitomize the philosophy of Little Athletics. The Criteria for this Award consists of attendance of 70%, a positive attitude and a willingness to embrace good sportsmanship. During the 2000/2001 season the Committee agreed that the perpetual trophy would be awarded to athletes in the Under 12 age group.

2022-2023 TJ Beale winners Pippa Burke and Rohan Sharma

Cherrybrook Athletics commenced in 1994 and the Club was financially strong in that initial season due to a generous contribution from Mr T J Beale, the grandfather of our first coach James Fitzgerald. The committee that year decided it was important to recognise this, and the T J Beale Perpetual Trophy was born. Mr Beale passed away during the 1998/1999 season.

T J Beale Award Winners

Season Female Male
1994/1995 Kate Seale Benjamin Foster
1995/1996 Kristen Mercer Matthew Dawson
1996/1997 Samantha Buneroff Christopher Hunt
1997/1998 Tiffany Britchford Matthew De Lima
1998/1999 Catherine Pearce Bradley Close
1999/2000 Amanda Sharpe David Smit
2000/2001 Julia New-Tolley Alastair Thomson
2001/2002 Emma Sainsbury Matthew Poidevan
2002/2003 Kate New-Tolley Timothy Graham
2003/2004 Monica Sharpe Justin Mack
2004/2005 Janine Liversage Andrew Houghton
2005/2006 Rachael Murphy Mitchell Yabsley
2006/2007 Courtney Cranfield Matthew Skelley
2007/2008 Karina Takchi Jackson Lee
2008/2009 Phoebe Deskovic Maine Vidler
2009/2010 Ashleigh Ward Clayton Anstee
2010/2011 Catalina Martinez Adam Kinasch
2011/2012 Anamaria Martinez Alistair Read
2012/2013 Rachel Ingram Ryan Jones
2013/2014 Faith Devitt Matthew Rose
2014/2015 BridgetteEdmunds Bayden Little
2015/2016 Mykaela Hayhurst Liam McKenzie
2016/2017 Sonia Walsh Ryan Frykberg
2017/2018 Tara Webb Will Austin
2018/2019 Isabella Fisher Bronsen Brown
2019/2020 Madison Clarke Harley Grace
2020/2021 Jenaya Lubrano Joel Moresi
2021/2022 Claudia Wyatt Harry Wigham
2022/2023 Pippa Burke Rohan Sharma

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