2020/2021 Summer Season Registrations:


PLEASE NOTE – In order to get the discounted family rate for both Senior and Little Athletics all members of the family must register at the same time, using the relevant family membership option at the time of registering online. This is only available for immediate family – brothers, sisters & step/half siblings.

U12 – U17s – Dual Athletes 

    • For all those in the U12 – U17 age groups with Little Athletics, you will now automatically become a member of ANSW as well. This is the Senior section of Athletics and competitions take place mainly over weekends, usually on synthetic tracks with official timing etc. There are also State Championships etc that can then lead to National Championships. For more information please see the ANSW website
    •  These age groups will now choose a Seniors Club (ANSW club) during the registration process for Little Athletics
    • There is a drop down box in the section when you enter the athlete’s personal details for you to select the Seniors club you wish to join. We would love you to select Cherrybrook Athletics Club, but you are free to select any other club. Please note that if you choose not to select a club ANSW will allocate you to a club.
    • Each athlete in these age groups will then be issued with 2 registration number patches by the Little Athletics club at the registration days – they will all be the same number. You will use 1 number patch to attach to the front of your Little Athletics uniform and then 1 to attach to your Seniors uniform.  If you are doing both Little As & Senior Athletics (ANSW) for the same club then you will just attach 2 numbers (back & front) to your Little Athletics uniform.

U12 – U17 athletes should be directed to Jenny Koot on 0414 530 792 or Karin Webb on 0408 622 144

Enquiries regarding Little Athletics only should be directed to
Jenny Koot on 0414 530 792

Enquiries regarding the Seniors Section should be directed to
Karin Webb on 0408 622 144

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