Key Officials

The Centre is operated on a non-profit basis, and aside from our qualified coaches, operated entirely by parents and family members on a voluntary basis.

Our Summer Program operates on a rotating 4 week program. As well as Friday evening competition, Athletes from the Centre also compete at various LANSW and ANSW competitions during the season. For more information see our season calendar and other information provided on this website. 

All of the athletic disciplines require officials to run them. Two Head Officials are required for each of the field disciplines (discus, shot put, high jump, long jump / triple jump and javelin). Four Starters are required for the various track areas at the Centre, (sprint track, hurdles track, inner track and outer track). Time Keepers and recorders are also required at each of the track areas. The Centre is always on the lookout for qualified officials to help with the running of the events, and will reimburse any person who attends an Officials course during the season.

The club has invested significantly in equipment in recent years which substantially reduces the work involved for timekeepers and recorders – in particular the use of electronic finishing gates and laptops has made a big difference.

As with being an Age Manager, being a Key Official can be very rewarding and the more dedicated and experienced Officials we have at The Centre the better it will run.

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