Coloured patches

Coloured Patch Standards

Coloured Patches were introduced to encourage and reward ‘all-rounder’ performance in the U7 to U15 age groups.

They are not intended to reward individual excellence in ‘pet’ events, but to encourage athletes to ‘have a go’ and improve their performances across as many events as they can in both track and field.

Results can be achieved at any Cherrybrook club event, and all LANSW or ANSW sanctioned events where the results are online and can be verified. Each result can only be used once.

Please click on the following links to download the Coloured patch achievement award recording sheets and standards for U7 to U15 age groups:


  1. Download the document
  2. Print the page(s) that apply to you
  3. Add result to the sheet when a standard is achieved
  4. When the required number of standards are achieved for a coloured patch hand the form to your Age Manager who will place it in  the Coloured Patch  tray in the Club room
  5. The Age manager will receive the athletes physical coloured patch which will be presented to the Athlete.