Seniors Registration

2019/2020 Cherrybrook Senior Athletics Registration 

Seniors registration are by online registration ONLY.
 2019/2020 Online registrations open 2 September 2019


  • The senior athletics season predominantly runs from 1 September to 30 August.
  • Our Club competitions are run each Friday evening from 5.45 pm to around 8.15 pm at GREENWAY OVAL NO 2 (LOWER OVAL), SHEPHERDS DRIVE, CHERRYBROOK. Club competitions will commence the beginning of September. Check our website for more details.
  • Seniors are able to compete at our Club nights and do so with their age group or as an U17 athlete. You may participate in any or all of the events on offer that night.
  • Senior athletes 16 or younger who compete at our Club night competitions must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Athletics is run entirely by volunteers and as such parents are required to assist on Friday evenings. This can be anything from helping on the BBQ to being an age manager or just helping the age manager run the events during the evening – timekeeping, measuring, writing down results etc. None of the jobs are very difficult and we are happy to teach you.


The athletes’ age for the purposes of registration with Seniors and Little Athletics is age as at 31 December.


  1. Access the Cherrybrook Seniors registration page:
    • Click “REGISTER”, DO NOT renew

2. Enter your details and pay securely online.

Note: Transactions incur a service provider processing fee. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming your payment transaction from RevSports.

  • No refunds will be given. Please see the ANSW Refund Policy.
  • Masters athletes (ie over 30 years of age) are eligible for NSW Masters membership. Select the $40 NSW Masters Associate Membership as an “add on” during this initial registration process. To compete at Masters National titles and other NSWMA events, you must be a financial member of the NSW Masters association. Read further for more details on
  • The online membership registrations for athletes will close at 12 noon the day before an ANSW event.


If you are in the U12-U17 age groups with a Little Athletics Club and you wish to also compete as a Senior Athlete, you MUST register through Little Athletics NOT ANSW (ie Senior Athletics).

  1. Dual Athletes will register once through the LANSW website.
    Please go to the Cherrybrook Little Athletics Registration page for more information
  2. During registration on the LANSW website, you will need to choose the Cherrybrook Seniors club. A club finder and other information will be available to help.
  • All Dual athletes will receive a set of 2 bibs from our Little Athletics Registrar. These bibs will double up as your Athletics NSW Competition Bibs.
  • The youngest competition age for Duals is 14. So, if you are in the U12 age group you will be competing against 14 year olds.
  • Any LANSW 2019/2020 registered athlete aged 12 or above is eligible for ANSW Club membership. This gives access to the full summer track and field season competitions held by ANSW and other ANSW benefits without having to pay for full ANSW membership.
  • Cherrybrook Little Athletes register for free with our Seniors Club. Little Athletes registered with other Clubs must pay a $50 Dual Athlete registration fee in order to compete for Cherrybrook Seniors. Please follow the instruction above for how to register as a senior athlete and select the “Dual athlete (LANSW U12-U17) NOT registered with Cherrybrook LA’s” membership.
  • Dual athletes must compete in Cherrybrook uniform at all ANSW competitions.
  • LANSW athletes will be given two competition bibs. For LANSW competitions: one bib must go on the front of the uniform. For ANSW competitions: one bib must be worn on the front and one bib must be worn on the back of the Cherrybrook Club uniform. If competing in jump events only one bib on the front of the uniform is required. If NOT registered with Cherrybrook LA’s, there is no need to keep removing the bib from your LANSW uniform, a 3rd plastic bib will be supplied to dual athletes at ANSW competitions for the back of your uniform. Ideally, one bib is attached to the LANSW uniform and one bib to our Cherrybrook club uniform, and pick up the plastic third bib at the first ANSW event they attend


  • All athletes are required to wear correct Cherrybrook Athletics uniform. These may be ordered on-line and paid by credit card, or ordered and paid for on registration day (payment by cheque or cash only on registration days). See our website for more details.
  • Sample sizes for uniforms will be available to try on at our registration days. Both little and senior athletes wear the same style shirt. Senior athletes may wear black shorts of any type.
  • Your senior bib number is to be secured to the front and back of your shirt (except jumps where just one bib secured to the front of the uniform is required)
  • Bib numbers are automatically assigned to each athlete when registering for the season. This number will be in your confirmation email once you have successfully registered. If you are unsure you can look up the number in RevSport or contact ANSW on 9746 1122 or
  • Bibs will be available for collection from the check-in area on ANSW competition days.
  • Athletes are required to wear the 2019/2020 bib numbers while competing in all ANSW track and field competitions throughout the season including:
    • Treloar Shield
    • All Comers meetsANSW Bib
      ANSW State Relay Championships
    • ANSW Club Championships
    • ANSW Juniors, Opens and Para State Championships
    • ANSW Country Championships
    • ANSW Walks and Cross Country Championships
    • ANSW conducted competitions
  • Once athletes have been issued with 2019/2020 bibs please discard the previous seasons bibs as the green 2019/2020 bib will be the only one permitted at competition.
  • If you lose your bib(s) you are to contact ANSW as soon as possible.


Please remember that registration fees are non-refundable (as per ANSW).



Open athlete (+20)


Concession Member (<19) or Govt Concession Card (Active Kids Voucher is accepted)


Dual athlete (LANSW U11-U17) Registered with Cherrybrook LA’s


Dual athlete (LANSW U11-U17) NOT registered with Cherrybrook LA’s


Family (4 or more family members)


Community Member (no competitions. Insurance only) $25.00
RunNSW athlete (1 April to 30 September) $TBA
Club Member (eligible to compete at NSW Relays, NSW Club Champs, NSW Country Champs, NSW Masters Champs, NSW Street Relays & NSW Cross Country Relays)


Club Volunteer Member (Officials, Administrators, Volunteers, Accredited Coaches)



  1. Athletics NSW is a proud supporter of the Active Kids program and happily accepts Active Kids Vouchers. Parents can apply for their voucher through Service NSW with their personal login. Vouchers are available from the 1 January and the 1 July and both expire 31 December that year. Please complete the ACTIVE KIDS FORM and send to ANSW ( for manual processing.
  2. The family discount is now a rebate process initiated post individual registration for each family member and done manually by ANSW. Please complete the online registration for all family members and then email at ANSW to organise a rebate, if registering at least 4 or more family members


Dependant on your type of registration with ANSW you may be eligibility for some or all of the following ANSW benefits:

  • To compete in all Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia Sanctioned Events
  • Free entry into all RunNSW Greater Bank events (Open and Concession only)
  • Half Price Entry into Waratah Run Series Events (Open and Concession only)
  • Coverage for Personal Accident Insurance under the National Insurance Plan
  • Competition Bib (collected at first event)
  • eAthlete Information Service

As a member of Cherrybrook Senior and Little Athletics Inc, you are also eligible for the following benefits:

  • membership of one of NSW most successful clubs
  • experience with a club that has offered seamless transition from LA’s to Seniors for 18 years
  • access to senior athletics coaches (fees apply)
  • access to training facilities
  • Friday night club competition
  • access to all level of athlete ie from lovers of the sport to Olympians
  • weekly newsletter
  • current information on our Facebook and Instagram pages
  • team support at all competitions/events including Club Championships
  • potential access to athlete funding
  • free gift for National championship medalists
  • annual awards night and recognition of membership
  • free entry into state relays
  • access to our Grey Book (pre-season Handbook)
  • access to our Red Book (end of season Annual Report)


New members who have not participated in club athletics before can (if they wish) trial for a maximum of 2 ANSW competition in any one registration year.

Please contact the Senior Registrar (Karin Webb ph. 0408 622 144) as a Trialling Athlete Form must be completed prior to competition and handed to ANSW staff at check-in.


  • At the start of a new season athletes pick their club of choice without a formal transfer process.
  • However, once registered with a club, a formal process is required to transfer clubs. Athletes must complete the Transfer Form (found on the ANSW website) and have the President from both clubs sign it. A $30 fee is attached to the transfer. This form and fee must be submitted to at ANSW.
  • Transfers must be submitted before 9am Friday to be actioned before the weekend’s competition.
  • Please note, during the season an athlete is only permitted to transfer once.


  • An athlete can upgrade their membership at any time throughout the season.
  • The difference in the memberships will need to be paid.
  • Email at ANSW to upgrade.
  • Please note, no refunds will be given for membership downgrades


  • Athletes over the age of 30 are eligible to take out NSW Masters membership.
  • Being a member of NSW Masters means you are eligible to compete at the State Masters Events, National competitions and international competitions such as Oceania Masters and World Masters Championships.
  • Competition is carried out in five year age groups for both men and women.

There are two ways to join NSW Masters:

  1. Be a member of an Athletics NSW Club and purchase the “add on” Masters Associate Membership. This involves registering with your club as well as the $40 NSW Masters Associate Membership that is an “add on” during initial registration.
  2. Be a member of NSW Masters as your club of choice. This involves registering with NSW Masters as your actual club. This membership fee will include the $40 NSW Masters Associate Membership so there is no need to purchase that as well.

Further enquiries may be directed to:

Karin Webb (Seniors Registrar) 0408 622 144 or

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