Cherrybrook Athletics                                                                                                                                              


Athletes are required to wear the Centre uniform at Centre meetings and at all representative meetings outside the Centre. 


The shirt/singlet/crop top are spliced: top part - red, centre - thin white band, bottom section - grey.

The shorts and bike pants are red for Little Athletics, black for Seniors.


Uniforms can be purchased on Registration days, and from the Canteen area during the season. You can also order online through the NSW Little Athletics online registration tool.


To access the Cherrybrook online Uniform Shop click here.



    Registration Numbers & Age Patch: 


     Each athlete is issued with a registration number and age group patch.

     These must be sewn on the left hand side of the T-Shirt or singlet as shown below.            

    The sponsor patch goes on the opposite side to the age group patch.

    Note - If girls are wearing crop top and sports briefs or bike pants, the age patch should be sewn onto the left hand side of the briefs/pants, instead of on the crop top.




 Singlet  $25 T Shirt  $25  Crop Top $30 
Sports Brief $15 
Bike Pants  $25
Nylon shorts $25
New style 
 Nylon shorts $25
 New style shorts $25  Polar Fleece Top  $35



   Please note:

   Competition nights can be cold, especially early in the season.  All competitors, helpers and spectators should

   ensure that they bring plenty of warm clothing, especially in the months of September to November.


Uniform contact Jen Little on 0414 359 960 or via email