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Season Results for the 2014-15 season  

This season results will be available by logging into the ResultsHQ website



Please Note:
for the 2014-2015 season it is planned that the first week of results to be uploaded will be for Friday 19 September 2014.
                       Instructions on how to log on will be emailed when results are available.

Features that will be available from the ResultsHQ website include:

Results by Date
Results by family member
Graph of results with members average and centre records
PB count
Season Best and count for all events
Tickets to view and print


Weekly Results


Weekly results are uploaded before any checking has been done.


Please note that while every effort is taken to capture these results accurately, they have not been validated, and may change once they have been checked!  

Any comments please contact Records & Rankings in the club room or via email for queries or comments.


Invitational Results for 2014-15


Invitational results are put up here before any checking has been done - they may include mistakes which have since been corrected