Cherrybrook Senior Registration 2017/2018


Online Registrations ONLY for the 2017-18 season. Registrations open 1st August 2017


The senior athletics season predominantly runs from October to September each year. This year the season commences with The Grass Games on 16th September 2017 and concludes on 30th September 2018.

Our centre runs each Friday evening from 5.45 pm to around 8.15 pm at GREENWAY OVAL NO 2 (LOWER OVAL), SHEPHERDS DRIVE, CHERRYBROOK. The season will commence the beginning of September. Check the website for more details.


Athletics is run entirely by volunteers and it is condition of membership that any athlete 16 years or younger be accompanied by a parent or guardian each Friday evening. In order for the evening to run smoothly and efficiently we require parents to assist on Friday evenings. This can be anything from helping on the BBQ to being an age manager or just helping the age manager run the events during the evening – timekeeping, measuring, writing down results etc. None of the jobs are very difficult and we are happy to teach you. We would encourage you to get involved as it makes the evening more enjoyable and go quicker!!!


The athletes age for the purposes of registration with Seniors is:

·         For dual athletes it is the same as Little Athletics NSW ie your age as at 30th September. Please note the youngest age group at senior competitions is under 14.

·         For all other age categories it is your age as at 31 December.


  1. Registration is online only.

  2. Go to

  3. On the left of the page click REGISTRATION

  4. Check the box next to the Subscription (or registration) that applies to you

  5. Click NEXT at the bottom of the screen

  6. If you registered online last season you will be able to retrieve all your personal details by entering your EMAIL ADDRESS in the first text box

  7. If this is your first time registering online, enter your EMAIL ADDRESS. You will then be prompted to create a password.

  8. CHECK or ENTER all your personal details.

  9. Please ensure you tick YES to be on our mailing list so you can received our weekly Newsletter which contains useful information on upcoming events and results from recent events.

  10. Confirm your payment and pay securely online.

Note: Online transactions will incur a 4.4% service provider (OST) processing fee. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming your payment transaction from IMG Sports. The Senior Registrar will send via Australia Post your competition numbers and a welcome letter. If you have not received this after 5 working day please call Karin Webb ph. 0408 622 144. This excludes dual athletes who will receive their competition numbers upon registration with LANSW.


If you are in the U12-U17 age groups with a Little Athletics Club and you wish to also compete as a Senior Athlete, you MUST register through Little Athletics NOT Senior Athletics.

1.    Dual Athletes will register once through the LANSW website. Please click HERE to go to the Cherrybrook Little Athletics page for more information.

2.    During registration on the LANSW website, you will need to choose the Cherrybrook Seniors club. A club finder and other information will be available to help.

3.    All Dual athletes will receive a set of 2 bibs from our Little Athletics Registrar. These bibs will double up as your Athletics NSW Competition Bibs.


Please remember that registration fees are non-refundable (as per ANSW). 



Open athlete (+20)


Junior athlete (15-19)


Youth athlete (≤14)


Dual athlete (LANSW U11-U17) NOT registered with Cherrybrook LA’s


Dual athlete (LANSW U11-U17) Registered with Cherrybrook LA’s


Age Concession (60+ or Pension/Seniors)


Family (all must register at the same time)


Community Member (no competitions. Insurance only)


RunNSW athlete (1 April to 30 September)


Club Member (club level + 1 ANSW competition only)


Club Associate (club officials) – Paid by the club


Accredited Technical Official




1.    The online registration portal for athletes will close at 12 noon the day before an ANSW event

2.    ANSW does not accept faxed registrations

3.    To compete at Masters (aged 30+) National titles and other NSWMA events, you must also be a financial member of the NSW Masters association.


Dependant on your type of registration with ANSW you may be eligibility for some or all of the following ANSW benefits:


As a member of Cherrybrook Senior and Little Athletics Inc, you are also eligible for the following benefits:


New members who have not participated in club athletics before can (if they wish) trial for a maximum of 2 club competition evenings in any one registration year.

Please contact the Senior Registrar (Karin Webb ph. 0408 622 144) before your first trial evening as a Trialling Athlete Form must be completed prior to competition.


This season sees the introduction of a NEW look Cherrybrook uniform. Original Cherrybrook uniforms may be worn for the 2017-18 season after which the new uniform must be worn. This is a requirement of both LANSW and ANSW.

 All athletes are required to wear correct Cherrybrook Athletics uniform. These may be ordered on-line and paid by credit card, or ordered and paid for on registration day (payment by cheque or cash only on registration days).

Sample sizes for uniforms will be available to try on at our registration days. Both little and senior athletes wear the same style shirt. Senior athletes may wear black shorts of any type.

 Your senior bib number is to be pinned to the front and back of your shirt.


Pic2Go Australia is a marketing tool which utilises photo sharing on social media platforms through the process of automated photo tagging. All Athletics NSW athlete bibs for the 2017/18 season will contain a 2D QR code which Pic2Go’s processing system uses to match photos with the designated athlete. Once the photos have been uploaded to the Pic2Go system, the branded photos are published instantly to Social Media Platforms, automatically tagging athletes and members. It is important to note, due to member protection, members must opt in to this service.

 Pic2Go Process

  1. Members will receive two (2) Competitions Bibs.

  2. The QR code on the competition bibs contains the athlete’s registration information. All the athlete needs to do is go to the ANSW Pic2go portal (, enter their bib number and follow the prompts. This will then allow photos captured of you while wearing the bib downloaded direct to your Facebook page. This link may change for some events, and will be received in a post event email.

  3. Images are taken on ANSW dedicated camera, where available, and uploaded to not only Athletics NSW’s Pic2Go server but also the club’s involved servers as well

  4. The Pic2Go System automatically posts the photos from events onto the athletes Facebook Page in a branded album

  5. Athletes have the option to delete any photos they do not want shared on their page before they go public

  6. Athletics NSW and Clubs will be able to track the impressions of the Pic2Go system through Social Media Reach Reports


A Timing Tag a device which records a participant’s time and performance across an event. Timing Tags are utilised by Athletics NSW at all out of stadia events; including both the Waratah Run Series and RunNSW Series. The purpose of providing an individualised Timing Tag to members is to deliver a greater benefit through a more efficient ‘Check In’ process for events and competitions.

Timing Tag will again be offered to all ‘full athlete’ memberships for the 2017/18 season. Athletes will receive their Timing Tag at their first out of stadia event. Replacement Cost for a Timing Tag is $30.

Timing Tag Fitting Instructions



RunNSW MEMBERSHIP – Change of Release Date

Athletics NSW is continually working to make the RunNSW Membership more attractive and useful for current and potential new members. With this, there are currently a couple of new additional and exciting benefits, as well as events which are still being finalised. Hence, for the 2017/18 Season, the RunNSW Membership will be available for purchase on from the 1st of January 2018 onwards. As per previous seasons, the RunNSW Membership will provide the individual with access to events held between the 1st of April and 30th of September. Along with this, they will also receive access to the full 2018 RunNSW Series.

More information on the 2017/18 RunNSW Membership will be realised in the near future, once the details have been finalised.


The 2017/18 season will see the roll out of the new Athletics NSW Application (Mobile App). The App will prove to be a great step forward for the sport of Athletics and will enable all stakeholders (members, club, officials, participants, volunteer, etc.) the ability to have a whole host of information and capabilities at their fingertips. 

The App has undergone continual testing over the winter period with it being utilised at some of the Winter Pre-Departure Meets; and is projected to be launched to the public in time for the 2017/18 Competition Season.

The app will have a range of benefits that will be rolled out over the season:

  1. Provide live results for in-stadia events in a more appealing format

  2. Have field events live, throw-by-throw and jump-by-jump rather than posted on the website immediately following the event

  3. Provide an online check-in process from an athlete’s phone

  4. Seed field events and allow officials to input field results in real time

  5. Link directly to ANSW Live Stream

  6. Link to ANSW Active Timing for out of stadia events

  7. Link directly to ANSW Social Media

  8. Payment Gateway for membership registration and event entry (if applicable)

  9. Provide Athlete Portal which houses result information and allows segmentation of these results by age, club, gender, etc.

  10. Training portal - allowing for wearables data to be uploaded into athlete portal

  11. Analytics - Tracking and understanding of athlete purchases & behaviours

  12. Calendar of events imbedded in the system

  13. Promotions and offers from sponsors built within the system


Further enquiries may be directed to:

Karin Webb (Seniors Registrar) 0408 622 144